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Warranty & Repair

A responsibility we would like to take.

Mercedes-Benz applies a strict quality control in each component from production process until vehicle delivery in order to provide the best designed vehicles with innovation and sophisticated safety system. Nevertheless, we are also aware that even the most advanced technology has flaws. There are still possibilities for any technical problems to occur.

Mercedes-Benz respects our commitment tremendously, for that reason all the delivered vehicle come with a comprehensive manufacturer warranty to protect the customers from any unforeseen or premature malfunction. Mercedes-Benz authorized dealer network is obliged to perform warranty service to any Mercedes-Benz vehicle regardless at which dealer the customers make the purchase.

The seal of quality for pre-owned vehicles.

For every pre-owned vehicle the customers purchased, it has not only been meticulously inspected but also carries a Mercedes-Benz warranty, maintaining customers’ mobility in the event of a breakdown. Mercedes-Benz will repair your vehicle without you paying for service costs or – for car with full manufacturer warranty – for materials.

Accident Management

One call. One team. Everything taken care of.

If your vehicle ever breaks down or you have an accident, you need one thing above all: fast help. We’ll be there for you – one call and you’ll be through to competent partners from Mercedes-Benz. We’ll ensure that you and your Mercedes-Benz quickly become mobile again.
Assured mobility. If your vehicle is no longer drivable, we offer you uncomplicated services to ensure you reach your destination quickly. With a replacement vehicle, by rail or by air.
The best possible repair for your Mercedes-Benz. We see to it that the repair work is carried out at an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. This ensures that you can rely on the experts’ know-how and the quality of Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.
Claims settlement with no ifs and buts. From organizing a recovery service to the insurance claim we handle everything we can, so as to take as much as possible off your plate.

  1. We offer an Accident Management program, aside from that we also offer the following services:
  2. General Body&Paint repair
  3. Smart Repair
  4. Car Care
  5. Classic restoration
  6. Recolor

Your Mercedes-Benz is in safe hands.

By calling our Accident Management number we’ll ensure that your car goes to a Mercedes-Benz approved bodyshop guaranteeing that it receives the specialist and technical expertise that it needs and deserves. So you can be sure that your Mercedes-Benz is returned to its pre-accident condition without compromising its safety or integrity. Your Mercedes- Benz is a technologically advanced and complex machine, so why leave anything to chance?

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